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hbbda CONGRATULATIONS to Hailey for her 2017 Best Dancer Awards at the Dance Awards Orlando.  Hailey was recognized as Female Mini Best Dancer Winner.  Alongside dancers from all over the country, she took classes in a variety of genres and competed for the Best Dancer Title.  The audition process consisted of various auditions, solo competition, and an improvisational dance-off.  She received a lifetime workshop scholarship to all future Jump, Nuvo, 24seven  and Dance Awards events and the opportunity to tour and assist with all the Break the Floor conventions for the 2017-2018 season.  We congratulate her on this prestigious achievement and wish her continued success and advancement.


  CONGRATULATIONS to Emma and Joziah (Joey) for their 2014 Best Dancer Awards at the Dance Awards Las Vegas.  Emma was recognized as Female Junior Best Dancer Winner and Joziah as Male Mini Best Dancer Winner.  Alongside dancers from all over the country, they took classes in a variety of genres and competed for the Best Dancer Title.  The audition process consisted of various auditions, solo competition, and an improvisational dance-off.  They each received a lifetime workshop scholarship to all future Jump, Nuvo, 24seven  and Dance Awards events and the opportunity to tour and assist with all the Break the Floor conventions for the 2014-2015 season.  We congratulate them on this prestigious achievement and wish them continued success and advancement. 

The Dance Awards


  CONGRATULATIONS to Emma, Teen Team member, on being awarded the 2013 National Junior Non-Stop Dancer title at the 24/seven National summer event in Las Vegas.  Alongside dancers from all over the country, she took classes in a variety of genres and competed for the 24seven Non-Stop Dancer National Title.  The audition process consisted of various auditions, solo competition, and an improvisational dance-off.  She receives a lifetime scholarship to all future 24seven dance events and the opportunity to tour and assist with the convention for the 2013-2014 year.  We congratulate her on this achievement and wish her continued success and advancement. 





 amandaash3CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda Garcia, Elite Team member, on being selected as an Artists Simply Human Advanced Assistant for the 2012-13 season.  ASH Assistants are an elite group of dancers invited to tour with, assist, and be mentored by Artists Simply Human’s faculty of world renowned choreographers for one full season. During the tour season that ASH Assistants are on full scholarship, they learn routines specifically choreographed for them by the ASH faculty that they will perform in both the Welcome Show and Closing Show in every city. Additionally, they gain an inside perspective of the dance industry and what it takes to become a professional. Becoming an ASH Assistant is a life changing experience, and is the highest scholarship presented by Artists Simply Human: The Workshop Experience.  The audition process consisted of several segments which included a ballet audition, contemporary audition, improvisational audition,  interview and solo performance.  We congratulate her on this achievement and wish her continued success and advancement. 





  CONGRATULATIONS to Taylor, Elite Team member,  on her recent Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Class of 2012 graduation and acceptance into the prestigious Professional Dance Program at The EDGE Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles.  The Professional Program is an elite training program developed by Randy Allaire and Bill Prudich in 1988 to prepare dancers for a career in commercial and concert dance. Taylor was one of only 20 dancers accepted into the program for 2012-13 and awarded a $17,100 scholarship.  The one-year program requires 16-18 assigned classes, 3 workshop classes and 5 hours of work apprenticeship per week.  Notable Alumni include Bobby Newberry, Gregg Russell, Gil Duldulao, Adam Parson and many other well-known industry artists.  We congratulate her on her success and wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.



After moving cross country to Dallas, we could not have found a better place for both my girls to dance.  Not only have they excelled in performance quality, but their technique has been refined.  You provide the right amount of push along with a true caring for the dancer within in order to help your students reach their maximum potential.  It truly is a family at Prodigy!  A bittersweet moment for us this year as I see my oldest graduate – please know you have been a huge part of her success and we couldn’t be more grateful for you and your staff, the opportunities you have provided, and the guidance and advice to help her move to the next level.  Thank you!

~ Rodriguez


I just wanted to tell you “Congratulations on a wonderfully successful Competition Season!”   We are so proud to be part of the Prodigy Dance family.  Camille, your studio is unlike any other we have seen...professionalism, attention, encouragement, and excitement are just some of the words I would use to describe Prodigy.  The atmosphere and talented teachers set your studio apart because you all take the time to know all the students individually and bring out the best in every one of them, no matter their level.  I know my daughter is at a place where dance is truly appreciated and enjoyed.  I really appreciate all the time you took and your help answering my endless questions when we transferred from another studio.  We feel so fortunate to be involved in a studio that has a genuine care and concern for all of its members. It is so comforting when you know that your child is in an environment where she is loved, valued, and supported by her teachers and other parents as well.  We love the family atmosphere and can't imagine ever being anywhere else.  Thank you so much for always doing everything you do, above and beyond the rest.

~ Garcia


My daughter's talent and confidence have grown so much since she joined Prodigy last year! The instructors are excellent and they also genuinely care about the kids. The parents and kids are great too! Everyone is very supportive of each other. We are very happy and can't imagine being anywhere else!

~ Ball


The best decision we made was to move to Prodigy,  just wish we done it earlier! Our daughter is getting excellent training from all of her instructors, not just one or two of them, she loves them all! The other students and parents are very nice and so helpful! Feels like one big family.

~ White


Wonderful studio with wonderful teachers! They love the kids and make sure that they receive the best and correct dance training!

~ Watson


My daughter has learned so much in just 5 months. The teachers are amazing. Surely, the best studio in DFW.



We love Prodigy. This is definitely where Madison belongs.

~ Webster-Newton


Makiyah loves Ms. Rachel and all the other teachers are amazing as well, she's made some great friends we have met great people.

~ Dugan


We are fairly new to the Prodigy family and we love it! Since day one, the staff has been very nice and helpful, they have made our transition of changing studios very easy. Camille, the owner/director, is always around with an open door policy, which we think is very convenient, the teachers are amazing! Looking forward to another wonderful year!!

~ Caro


Thanks for doing what you do best and giving my two dancing divas the opportunity to be loved, directed, nurtured and taught by the most amazing dance faculty and staff at Prodigy Dance Centre! I believe there is a saying that goes something like "they are a product of their own environment"! When it comes to dance, the environment that you provide for your dancers at Prodigy Dance Centre is nothing short of AWARD WINNING!!!!! ~ Plumer


The teen years pose some of the most difficult challenges for families, and trying to figure out who you are and where you fit are challenging tasks for teens. My daughter was at the brink of her teenage years and in a position of lack of confidence in her abilities as a dancer, and although I saw the talent she possessed, she was in a dance environment that was beating her down, and as ashamed as I am for not realizing it sooner, it was also scarring her...AND THEN WE FOUND PRODIGY!!!  With the right balance of encouragement, opportunity and challenge, PRODIGY allows each dancer to be themself and find their own unique fit. Camille realizes that each student brings something unique to the team and she has an amazing way of helping them discover what that talent is and makes them feel like they matter and that they ALL contribute to the success of the team!!  There are no favorites, and my daughter isn't compared to other dancers or pitted against her teammates, destroying friendships.  Instead, she is given the opportunity to utilize her own individual strengths to CONTRIBUTE to the success of her team.  I LOVE the relationships my daughter has formed with her teachers and teammates and it brings so much joy to my heart to walk up to the studio, open the door, and hear my child's laughter coming from the locker room at the end of her classes versus drying tears on the drive home. I can't remember how many times she has said, "I love Miss Camille!" in the past two years.  I can't put into words how much her influence in my daughter’s life has helped her overcome the past experiences at her previous studio.  There are so many factors in determining a teenage girl's self-esteem, but finding Prodigy and Camille Billelo has helped my daughter overcome the words that rang in her head from her previous director.  She’s helped her realize, that no one individual can define or destroy you, unless you allow it!  And as my daughter has found her fit at PRODIGY, true friendships and positive role models, she has also found HAPPINESS and as a parent I have found PEACE.  There is no better feeling than watching your child enjoy an activity surrounded by people you know support and love her and have her best interest at heart. So for me -although I love the growth she has shown as a dancer, the families, the training from incredible teachers- it's about the total experience, which is better than any trophy in the world!! I believe that Camille is a blessing to these dancers in ways that she doesn't even realize, ways that aren't even related to dance!  When these kids walk away from Prodigy to go to college, they will take the incredible life lessons, confidence, belief in themselves and incredible dance abilities that you just can't put a dollar value on, it truly is PRICELESS!!! Thank you Camille and the entire Prodigy Dance & PAC faculty and staff for making these teen years just that much easier!!

~ Roseborough


Prodigy Dance not only has offered my daughter amazing improvement in her dance technique, but the director, Camille Billelo is an incredible role model for young ladies too.  Camille encourages the girls to be their best by herself modeling it by her clean lifestyle.  She constantly motivates the girls to improve with a positive spin.   I am so pleased my daughter has that wonderful influence.  Even without the amazing dance direction, the upstanding role model Camille presents would make me love Prodigy for my daughter.  Thank you, Camille!

~ Varner


This time last year, we were faced with some tough decisions for our family and the future of our dance education. Having three daughters who wanted to pursue dance, I knew I couldn't afford to mess up! We made the decision to follow our instructor Camille Billelo and join her on a journey to start up a studio. We were cautioned by others that new studios can have drama, and many kids get frustrated that the studios can't "compete". Well, here we are, one year later and couldn't be happier with our decision to join Prodigy Dance. In just a year, Camille was able to cultivate a culture of camaraderie, progress and success within her studio. We kept waiting for the bumps, but they honestly never came! My kids were able to grow personally as dancers, improving in every area (especially the dreaded ballet!) and were able to share in the success of the studio. They each were part of a "best of show" and 1st overall routine, multiple times. They got to enrich their training with outside choreography and conventions. But most of all, they got to develop friendships and a spirit of teamwork. There is nothing like putting your efforts into something that is blossoming right before your eyes - and that is exactly what Prodigy did in just one short year. Our family is definitely "Proud to be a part of Prodigy" and we couldn't ask for more!

~  Jackson

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